Yemen-The distinctive cheese industry in Taiz

Taiz Governorate - Yemen 20/06/2019  The rural areas of Yemen are known for manufacturing and producing cheeses of various kinds, which are popular local products, Taiz Governorate, southwest of Yemen, is characterized by the manufacture and production of cheeses, especially Aldabab area west of the province which is one of the best areas to export cheeses, the cheese in Taiz is manufactured with traditional means and tools, which gives it a special and distinctive taste that you can find only in this region, the cheese is extracted from goat and cow dairy and is handmade by boiling the milk over low heat for a long time with a mixture of  a basic material extracted from baby goats called "Allafah", there are many types of cheeses that vary by flavors, textures and shapes, including Alhamli, Aloshki, Alawf, and Almaleh, Yemeni cheese is distributed to the popular markets in various governorates of Yemen, the cottage cheese industry also provides income to thousands of Yemeni families living on the revenues of the cottage cheese industry, which is resistant to modern industries of cheese.

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  • Date: Thursday, 20 June 2019
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