Kuwaiti Capital - Kuwait 5/12/2017  Journalists from various Gulf countries pointed to their expectations regarding the files to be presented today at the Gulf Summit in Kuwait, including the joint Gulf action and recent developments in Yemen and the killing of Ali Abdullah Saleh which is considered a serious development regarding the Yemeni and Gulf affairs For more details click document  here, to download video click  video here
Kuwaiti Capital - Kuwait 2017/12/5  The 38th Gulf summit began on Tuesday in Kuwait and is held in unprecedented circumstances as a result of the imposition of a blockade on Qatar by the three Gulf states (Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain) and Egypt since June 5.   For more details click document here , to download video click here
Kuwait-Kuwait 2017/12/5  The Media Center accompanying the 38th Gulf Summit, which will be held in Kuwait on Tuesday was launched to provide services for media figures from all countries to convey the facts and the most important events of the two-day summit. Researchers and media sources predicted that the summit of Kuwait will bring closer views to reach a solution to the crisis between the GCC countries.   For more details click document here , to download video click here
Doha - Qatar  8/11/2017  Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari stressed that they did not seek to dismantle his country's interest with other countries, because of the strategic interests of both countries. He noted his country's keenness to employ all its capabilities and ability to establish regional relations. For his part, the Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani reiterated the urgent reopening of a Qatari embassy in Baghdad despite the circumstances that they have experienced during the past period. This is a step towards a new chapter in Iraqi-Qatari relations, this came during a press conference held in Doha, Qatar     For more details click document here , to download video click here
Algiers, Algeria. 18/8/2017 The views of the Algerians differed between supporters and opponents of the decision of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to appoint his bureau chief Ahmed Ouyahia as the successor to Prime Minister Abdel Meguid Tabboun, where the decision to dismiss the former minister, according to observers, was due to the latter's campaign against the moneymen. For more details click here , to download video click here .
Algerian Capital - Algeria 0-05-2017 Nass Al- Khair association and a number of young Algerians organized a Ramadan feast tables for the fasting in a giant tent in the popular Bab El Wadi neighborhood in Algeria. The tent welcomes the poor and any passersby and also receives the fasting people of different nationalities, including Africans, Syrian and others. For more details click here, to download video click here
Riyadh - KSA 20/5/2017 Saudi Arabia's king "Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud" welcomed the US president "Donald Trump", during his first foreign tour since taking office, and he held a series of bilateral meetings between the two sides, reaffirming the long-standing friendship and strengthening the close political, economic, cultural and security ties between the two countries. If you need more details click here, if you watch video click here.
Algerian Capital - Algeria 09-05-2017 The Algerian capital hosted the ministerial meeting of the 11th session of Libya Neighbors meeting on Monday, with the participation of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, the European Union Commission and the United Nations representative in Libya to discuss the issue of securing the region, the threats of security in the region and ways to combat them through the mechanisms of political consensus.   For more details click here, to download video click here
 Algiers, Algeria. 5/5/2017 The polling stations opened on Thursday morning for Algerian voters to choose their representatives in the 462-seat Algerian parliament, and it’s the first legislative elections of its kind to be held after the new version of the amended constitution in 2016. Around 23 million voters have begun to come to polling stations in various provinces of the country, and the authorities and leaders of the participating parties hope to achieve high rates of participation, in light of a phenomenon of reluctance, especially in the youth.  For more details click document document here, to download vedio click video video here. 
Algerian Capital - Algeria 25-03-2017 Contrary to the claims that Syrians are beggars wherever they go, Arab24 camera monitored the success of Syrian residents in Algeria as they practiced various activities and earned customers with different nationalites by providing services that reflect their civilization.     for more details click here, to download the video click here

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