Tunisian Capital - Tunisia 21-1-2018 During the past year, Tunisia witnessed a remarkable recovery in the tourism sector, after the number of visitors reached 7 million visitors from European and Arab countries with a financial income of 1.125 billion dollars, compared to 5 million visitors in 2016. The recovery comes in light of the security improvement that prevails throughout the country despite the recent protests against rising prices in Tunisia.     For more details click document here , to download video click video here
Bardou - People's Congress - Tunis – Tunisia 2018/1/20  The draft law criminalizing normalization with Israel is facing many difficulties and obstacles since the beginning of writing the constitution after the revolution of January 2011. A number of MPs and parties have recently started demanding the enactment of a law criminalizing normalization with Israel after the Trump’s announcement on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. MPs and politicians attribute not passing the law to political wrangling and mutual accusations between parties, in addition to pressures from international bodies on the House of Representatives, which prevents knowing the truth behind the failure to pass the bill, which is supported by all parties and civil society organizations in Tunisia.   For…
City of Tabarba - Manouba Governorate – Tunisia 16-1-2018 The family of the dead man, "Khumsi al-Yafarni," from the city of Tabarba in the province of Manouba, accused the security forces of killing him during a recent wave of protests in the country against the price hike approved by the government recently. The narratives conflicted about the death of the man after the Interior Ministry denied in a statement that he was run over by a police car, contrary to what is documented with video and eyewitnesses, which angered his family, which accuses the security forces of his death.     For more details click document here , to download video click here
Habeeb Bourguiba-Tunis-Tunisia 2018/1/15  At the invitation of Tunisian parties and unions, thousands of Tunisians commemorated the seventh anniversary of the jasmine revolution that launched the Arab Spring on Sunday, coinciding with popular protest movements calling for the cancellation of the budget law of 2018, which will exacerbate the economic crisis for Tunisians   For more details click document here , to download video click here
Al-Nour neighborhood - Kasserine city - Central western Tunisia - Tunisia 14-1-2018 Al-Nour neighborhood of the central city of Kasserine witnessed violent clashes between citizens and security forces during a protest against government decisions to raise the prices of some goods and impose new taxes and to pressure the government to withdraw from the Finance Law. Protesters cut off roads with burning tires and threw stones at security forces.   For more details click document here , to download video click video here
Tunis-Tunisia 2018/1/6  Observers believe that the political scene in Tunisia is witnessing many disputes, especially between the ruling coalition, which consists of the Renaissance and the Nidaa Tunis movements , as a result of Ennahda Movement’s opposition for Nidaa Tunis’ candidate in the by-elections of the Tunisian community in Germany, which resulted in Yassin al-Ayari’s winning in the Parliament, pointing out that this coalition will not last long because of the non-conformity in the social programs and political trends of both parties.   For more details click document here , to download video click here
 Qarjani-Tunis-Tunisia 201/1/6  Illegal migration towards European countries is a dream that many Tunisian youth seek in order to find a better economic reality, but this is a nightmare for Tunisian families because of the dangers facing migrants, including the twenty year old Hattab Al Wardi who left in 2011 without any information indicating his whereabouts after his arrival in Italy, leaving his wife and son.   For more details click document here  , to download video click here
Tunisian Capital - Tunisia 2018/1/3  The file of the return of the Tunisian fighters from the hot zones of tension is one of the most important issues awaiting the Tunisian government to take the appropriate political decision regarding them. This is after the Tunisian street demands to take decisive and fair measures according to the law against those involved in working with armed organizations, especially after the Tunisian constitution guaranteed the right of return to the citizen regardless of the reason for leaving the country, while others see the need to activate the death penalty against those returning fighters.   For more detalis click here , to downloed video click here
Al-Shawashin Market - Old City - Tunis – Tunisia2017/12/25  The Chachia, which is a hat made of wool and characterized by its red color, is an ancient heritage craft dating back to the late 15th century. The Shawashin market in the heart of the old city of Tunis is famous for them. The Chachia industry is one of the most important handicrafts that are passed down among the generations and are subject to strict traditions.   For more details click document here , to download video click here
Tunis-Tunisia 24-12-2017 Torture in detention centers and prisons is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Second Republic in post-revolution Tunisia. The security services in Tunisia continue to use torture as punishment and as a way of getting confessions without paying attention to international conventions to protect the physical sanctity of detainees, they even used power to settle personal accounts.     For more details click document here , to download video click here

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