Arab 24 Headquartered inarab24 LOGO21 Dubai –UAE is the region’s independent news-gathering agency created to bring an unbiased and comprehensive view of the Arab world, to a growing audience who wish to receive reliable reportage of the MENA.

Fitted with full HD capabilities, our fully equipped SNG trucks provide mobile real-time feeds of news and raw footage of events. Extensive technical know-how and guaranteed excellence in broadcast quality gives us an edge as we cover more areas in the Middle East than any existing news agency.

Our dedicated team of seasoned, professional journalists, cameramen and producers stationed in every capital in the Middle East, bring to Arab viewers unreported and ignored news from a region that is largely misrepresented. Relying on local Arab reporting ensures news perspectives are unbiased, direct and authentic. Our knowledge of the Middle East allows us to cover events thoroughly and accurately.


To be the leading regional news agencies that will fill the gap for covering news in the Arab world in text, photos, video and live telecasts – dependent on existing and new technology in satellite, internet, mobile phones and the social media.

We aim to deliver news from the Middle East by Arab-speaking journalists, so that they script their own history (than have one thrust upon them).


Arab 24’s mission is to encapsulate the region’s daily developments so as to enable users to watch news from the Arab world in real-time, as it happens, where it happens and as it unfolds.

To provide a corridor of information and data in real-time to other channels, that is tailored to suit their individual policies and guidelines.

Our Reach

Supported by highly trained local, on-the-ground teams in all major Arab cities and hotspots, we have unsurpassed access to any major or minor event outbreak in the region.



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0096264600700 Ext. 123

FAX: 0096264600760



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